Wednesday 27 September 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Another holiday dawns, just today and tomorrow left now.  I've taken a peek outside and it is cloudy but dry.  Maybe the clouds will lift but if they don't, no problems.

Today I think I am exploring Eyam, the plague village and if I need a brolly, no problems.  I'd like to go to the Hall, the museum and the craft centre (I'm a sucker for craft - I'm sure you hadn't noticed that!!!).  There's also another craft centre en route, if I remember to stop off.

Yesterday I mentioned making bread and ending up with too much dough, due to my own carelessness.  I wrapped up that extra dough and popped it in the fridge.  Last night some of it made a couple of flatbread-naan type things to have with my curry (I had to keep flattening them as they cooked in a frying pan because they wanted to rise!) and this morning I'm using the rest to make a couple of rolls, one for breakfast with bacon and the other for my packed lunch.  All very delicious and satisfying!  😇
Yesterday's loaf and very delicious it is too.  I love this flour from the Mill and will definitely get some more next time I am this way.  I wonder if the sell it over the Internet.  Must check.

Yesterday was Chatsworth Day.  One can't come to the Leak District without doing a bit of Chatsworth and, of course, they have this Style exhibition which I have wanted to see since I heard about it.  Only just in time as well - it's closing soon.

It was great.  Loads of fascinating historical artifacts, info, etc, some big and shiny and some small and intriguing.  Loads of gold and glitter that didn't photograph well, hand made lace, embroidery, costumes, pictures.  How the 'other half' lived, eh?  Still do by all accounts.
It was well worth the rather high entry charge (and no concessions either - huh!).

One big change.  Last time I was at Chatsworth and asked about photography, the response was a shocked 'No, sorry'.  This time it was a friendly 'As long as there's no flash, it's fine'.  A lot of my snaps turned out too dark and most were taken through glass so not brilliant but they're a good way of remembering.

These were lovely.

Now that's what I call a christening gift!!  All gold too.

How on earth did they manage to breathe properly?

This one is even worse.  I don't even think it is attractive and I shudder to think of the internal damage it must have caused.

The tour ended up in the gift shop (very canny of them) and I bought a couple of paperbacks.  One is called 'A Visitors Companion to Tudor England' which explores palaces, country houses and castles of Tudor England and the people who lived there.  The other is by the historian I mentioned yesterday, Ruth Goodman, and is entitled 'How to be a Tudor - a dawn-to-dusk guide to everyday life'.  They both look extremely interesting and are both my sort of reading.  I won't start them until the holiday is over as I still have a stack of Miss Marple books on my Kindle that I haven't read and I got them specifically for this holiday too.  I suppose I'd have read more had there not been such a good internet connection.

Then I had my picnic lunch (along with thousands of others) and after that I wandered around the grounds but by then my ankle was playing up quite a lot and when I put the support bandage on, I must have washed it too hot because all the elasticity had gone and there was a distinct lack of support which was annoying.  I will need to get another one as soon as possible.  Ah, well, Amazon, here I come.
A very interesting greenhouse with three weather zones.

I meant to focus on the colours of the trees but, of course, the cascade is dominant.

There's quite a rock garden there.

It was a misty day despite the hazy sun .  I suppose that's that you have to expect in Autumn.

Once home, I made dinner (curry and naan and very nice it was too) and then settled down for an evening's telly including Bake Off, of course.  All most enjoyable and I could do with another week.  Maybe when real life settles, finances permitting, I will consider a fortnight rather than a week.  I'm just getting into the swing of things.

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