Tuesday 12 September 2017


Wide awake and no chance of going back to sleep for a while so I thought I may as well write today's entry.

These wakeful nights are a right pain but at least I should be able to have a snooze during the day.  I used to worry a lot when I was still working because falling asleep in class is a sackable offence.  There are just too many thoughts buzzing around in my head and they refuse to calm down and be compartmentalised.

I made a nice dessert yesterday from a couple of squishy nectarines that didn't taste wonderful.  I de-stoned them and cut each one into twelve wedges.  I fried the wedges in butter until they were taking on a bit of colour, then removed them from the pan and pulled off the skin.  The fruit went into a bowl and the skins went back into the pan with some white wine and some sugar because I read that it makes the syrup pink (which it does).  I just boiled up the syrup for a few minutes and then poured it over the fruit and let it cool.  We had it with cream and it was delicious.  One to remember.

Today I have a meeting in the afternoon but very little else apart from the usual household stuff so I think I will make a batch of shortbread for the weekend.

And now my head is starting to nod so I shall see if I can get back to sleep again.  Fingers crossed.  When you wake, have a pleasant day.  😊


  1. You have my sympathies wakeful nights are a total pain. Love the nectarine idea

  2. They are. I know you have them too - no fun at all.
    I think I will add some star anise next time I try it. That should add an extra flavour twist.
    J x