Monday 11 September 2017


Good morning, everyone.  I'm awake nice and early and it seems to be pretty chilly outside.  Nothing like frosty-chilly, just not-warm.  We must have had some wind overnight as the curtains were blowing about but I was too cosy and warm in bed to bother to get up and close the windows. (they were on tilt and turn, not wide open).  I'm waiting for things to cheer up again.  The weather has eleven days to get its act together and start producing sun and warmth again!

I'm glad there was no washing to do yesterday because it was dull and gloomy in the morning and started raining later.  By 6:15 I had closed the curtains to shut it all out.  These evenings are really drawing in now and we're not too far from putting the clocks back again, are we?

Today I want to do something with some nectarines that are going over and need using.  I was wondering about poaching them in wine, honey and spice.  Does anyone have any better ideas, please - not crumble though!?

My soul is crying out for coffee so I will meander downstairs now and pop the kettle on.  Have a great day.

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