Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Good morning, everyone.  We've had shedloads of rain here overnight but now it is dry, surprisingly mild and pretty windy.  No garden damage as far as I can tell but daylight will show more clearly.  I hope all my readers are OK too.

Well, I had some nice surprises - well, not surprises because they were expected but nice thing - yesterday.

The Ordnance Survey maps of Derbyshire/Peak District arrived.  Now I can have fun planning routes to places.  Fun?  Of course, especially when, as I am, one is more than a bit nervous about going to new places.  It's reassuring to have the map as well as the Sat Nav.  I shall plan visits, work out routes, make sure all the info is downloaded and printed or whatever.  It'll save time when I'm there and, as I said, it's fun for me.

I ordered a larger oven proof lid and that arrived as well.  It is always useful to have a lid for a frying pan but rarely are they sold with lids.  Now I need to go through my old frying pans and decide which ones I really do not need any more - er, I mean which ones the lid doesn't fit..

A nice, fat cheque from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs arrived and I will be popping into town this morning to visit the bank and warm the manager's heart before chilling it again with a visit to Lakeland.  How thoughtful of them to get it to me not long before a holiday.  I shall appreciate that at the Chatsworth Farm Shop where I am hoping to get many of my meals for the week.  Brilliant timing!

And last but not least, the Cook-Key for Thermione arrived.  I can now access any of the Thermomix recipes on the Cookidoo site. download them onto the key and it will take me from beginning to end of the recipe on Thermione's screen.  As I will be taking her with me on holiday, this has arrived in perfect time too.  I have time to learn how to use it properly before I go.
My lovely Thermo Consultant, Leonie, is planning a drop in session at hers, to go through the new features over coffee and cake, and try some out.  I will definitely be going to that, if I possibly can.

I had my meeting at school.  It was extremely helpful and informative and I was very grateful.

On top of all that, I caught up with my washing, drying (it was a lovely, blowy, drying day, whatever happened later on) and even finished all the ironing, using my new iron.  The old one was getting a bit - well - manky and it only took half the time it usually takes which says it all really, doesn't it?

So yesterday was rather a good day.  A bit materialistic, I suppose, but nice, all the same.

Today I am off into town first thing and this afternoon I'm having coffee and chat with a friend which will be really nice.  In between those two things I really MUST get some planning done.

Have a splendid day, whatever you plan to do, and stay safe!

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