Thursday, 14 September 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Yesterday was a lovely day: a bit blustery and a few showers but nothing to write home about.  It's been a clear night too and, therefore, chilly.  I've turned the heating up, utter softy that I am.

Yesterday was a filled day.  I got into town before the underground car park became too full.  Not as early as I had planned but it was OK.  After a trip round M&S food hall (always enjoyable), I went to the bank and deposited that cheque.  Oh, that did feel good!

Then I promptly ploughed some of it back into the retail economy.  That was fun too.

In Lakeland - can't go into town without popping into Lakeland, can I? - I invested in a square baking tin which is just the right size for my shortbread.  My old one has gone all manky and a bit rusty and I chucked it out, so it was one in and one out.  Better for the clutter situation that way.

Then on to the White Company.   You won't remember but almost a year ago, just after the shop had opened, I treated myself to a couple of posh room sprays from there as a treat.  They may have been expensive but they've lasted almost the whole year and are just starting to run out so I got some more.  A couple of citrussy ones and one called 'winter' which is a cooler sort of fragrance.  It's quite an experience shopping in there apart from the general luxury of the place as they do up your shopping in a lovely little gift bag with cord handles and a bow to tie the tops together and the sprays were swapped in matching tissue paper.  Worth it just for that!
And they are very good sprays that are dealing with the remaining residual paint-pong very effectively too.

Then it was on to John Lewis for a general trawl around and there I found something I have been looking for for a considerable time (I'm talking years here).  For ages I have wanted (a first-world thing here) a small, rectangular oven dish that has higher, vertical sides for things like lasagne or cannelloni.  There are loads around, I know, but they are all too big, even the ones that are labelled as 'small'.  I just wanted literally a single portion one.

And, in John Lewis, not only did I find a ceramic one that was white to match my other things, I also found a lovely, coppery coloured dish that I have coveted ever since I saw it in photos in Miguel Barclay's 'One Pound Meals' book.  So, guess what.  I bought both!  Thank you, Mr Tax Man.

I finished off my indulgent spend with a single bed duvet that will go inside my patchwork cover, when I finish it.  A good quality one that will last and last and which will spoil my visitors.  I now have to look at the duvets I have and decide which one I want to lose to the Salvation Army recycling bin.

After all that spending in town, I needed to do something a bit more productive so I made some shortbread and mixed up the first part of my tealoaf recipe which was soaking the dried fruit in cold tea and sugar.  I shall finish making the loaf this morning.

Then it was coffee-and-chat time with a friend.  When I got home, I was delighted to see that the new passport had arrived.  Very impressive, that; it's just a week since the paperwork was sent off.

And I even remembered to clear the car as it's got its MOT today!  Fingers crossed for that.

Today I have to stay in and plan to have a good tidy up, do some baking and deal with the remaining apples that Jackie gave me.  Very different from yesterday but very pleasant all the same.

And I suppose I'd better update my bank records too and get some of that cheque into savings.  After my coffee, of course.