Friday, 8 September 2017


A quick one this morning as time is short!

I'm getting things sorted that have been on my list for months and months.
First of all the bus pass arrived.  Now I can travel free on buses all over the place.  I might have a think about where I could bus in London.
And I got the passport renewal application sent off.  I used the Check and Send facility at the Post office which might cost but means it won't be sent back to me because something is wrong.
Two things off my mind.

Overnight yesterday it must have rained because in the morning my car was covered with white dust raindrop marks, as were all the others I could see.  A neighbour was good and energetic and washed his car.  I used the car washing company at Sainsbury's and came home in a shining car!  It doesn't happen very often so I enjoyed the experience.

Apart from that, I did very little really.  I seem to be very tired for much of the time and had two good naps yesterday before sleeping like a log all night.

I must get going.  Have a great day, everyone.

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