Sunday 19 June 2016


Hello, everyone!  It's a bit early to say what the weather looks like doing but it's dry and the forecast is positive so I am hoping for sun, fingers crossed.

Yesterday was a really good day.  For a start it didn't rain although it got perilously close to it once or twice.  It was jolly cold though - well, cold for the time of year anyway.  If it was December or January I'd probably be saying it was unseasonably warm!

The June fair was a great success - lots of stalls and lots of people too.  It is so nice to be able to say hello to so many parents I have got to know over the years and loads of children or teens came up to say hi.

Our Kitty Stitches stall went really, really well.  We sold big things and little things.  All the crochet key rings I made sold out so I must set to and make some more - I was well chuffed that they were so obviously popular!  Our sock cat kits and fridge magnet kits were well received and we sold the last of the not-Christmas bunting too.  We don't make enough to even get within sniffing distance of the tax man but we're happy.  For me it is about covering costs.  The rest is a bonus.

On top of all that I won two prizes in the raffle - yes, two!  One really isn't me but I am sure I can pass it on.  It is a round of golf for four at a local golf club!  The other was a family ticket for Barleylands Farm - two adults and two children/concessions.  Beth and Alex can be the two adults and I can be a 'concession'.  So that's a treat for the summer.

My goodness, it was chilly though.  When I got home I couldn't get warm and ended up turning on the heating - and this is mid-June, not far from the longest day!  I had a lovely, warm evening.

Today I've woken extremely early so I suspect it is going to be a sleepy day.  Beth may be coming over for lunch but I'm not totally sure yet.  I have to start replenishing my stock of key rings and I want to start looking for Christmas key ring patterns as the next scheduled fair is the school Christmas fair.  Sorry to mention the C word but it is June!

My food today is:
B:  bran flakes with raisins, natural yogurt with strawberries
L:  Hummus, oatcakes and a mixed salad, apple
D:  Chicken and veg stirfry in a soft cheese sauce, rice, natural yogurt with blueberries

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