Thursday 23 June 2016


It's raining, it's pouring
The old man is snoring.

Yes, the rain came back and this morning is dull, dark and very, very damp.  No way could Infant Sports Day happen this morning.  I don't know if it stormed overnight - once the old hearing aids are out I am oblivious to anything like that.  I've missed some very exciting storms in my time because of that but I haven't missed my sleep.  Swings and roundabouts!

It actually started raining yesterday morning.  Despite the lovely sunny start to the day, by the time I arrived at the allotment the clouds had covered the sun and there was a smell of rain in the air.  We worked for an hour and then it started.  Not huge raindrops but an enveloping drizzle that was almost like fog and which soaked everything.

We had managed to do the mowing, some weeding and some harvesting before giving up so it was worth going and, as we said, at least we didn't need to water anything!
The potatoes are looking good and most of what we planted is surviving although the snails have devoured the green beans, sadly.  We're going to plant some more mange tout there instead and hope that they grow.

We came back to mine and divvied up the mange tout.  Some had gone 'over' so we podded them and I used the pods to make pea pod soup which is quite nice.  Minimal waste is what I like to see.

The governor's meeting in the evening was good too.  The sun was back out again by then and it was getting pretty humid but the fans were on and it wasn't too bad in the staff room.

Today Beth is coming over in the morning and I am off into school this afternoon to read with Y2 children.  I MUST do some tidying up as well.  And vote, of course.

Today's menu:
B:  bran flakes with sultanas; natural yogurt and a few strawberries
L:  pea pod soup; apple
D:  Cottage pie with sweet potato mash, broccoli, mange tout (from the allotment); pineapple, strawberries and natural yogurt

I have quite a lot of yogurt because I don't have much milk and I know this yogurt is 'additive-free' because I make it myself.  No hidden salt or sugar there.  The appearance of strawberries is, of course, because they are ripening like fury in the garden and are so, so delicious!

Whether it is wet or dry where you are, have a wonderful day!
Whatever you do or don't do, please, please make time to vote.  It's crucial.


  1. I've missed some very exciting storms in my time because of that but I haven't missed my sleep. Swings and roundabouts!