Sunday 12 June 2016


Hello again, everyone.  After a dull but warm and dry morning and afternoon(good for drying the clothes anyway) the heavens opened and we got some fairly heavy rain for a while.  Very disappointing for all the parties and barbies that were happening.  It is dry now so fingers crossed for that huge party along the Mall today.  I know that, being British, people will make the most of it whatever the weather, but it would be nice if it were dry, even if the sun doesn't shine.

Yesterday was an incredibly lazy day.  I did get the washing done and dried before the rain started, which is good, and I did the washing up - well, set the dishwasher off anyway.  Apart from that I watched the Trooping of the Colours, slept, watched Death on the Nile, slept, read a magazine, slept - oh, you get the idea.  I must have been snoozing when the fly past came over (it always does) because I don't remember hearing it and I did have the French windows open!

I did take a few garden photos so here you are . . .
Taken just to show off the baby truss!  That'll be my breakfast in a few months' time.

Nice, healthy looking runner bean stems.  They're all coiling around the canes now and I reckon once they are doing that they're pretty safe.

Very fragrant.

I just love these old fashioned flowers.  Aquilegia or 'grandmother's bonnet' and you can see why it's called that

I have to do just a bit more today, I really do.  I mean, one is meant to enjoy retirement but one does need to get a few things done!  I will have to cook a dinner because yesterday Al messaged me to ask if he could come over for dinner today and, of course, I said 'yes'.  I've already planned and got my dinner so I can get something from the freezer for him.  Better get it now, in fact, so it's thawed out when I want to cook it.  He likes sausages and I could make onion gravy.

Today's food:
B:  bran flakes with strawberries, mixed berries in natural yogurt
L:  cold salmon, mixed salad, watermelon
D:  quiche, salad, lime torte
I'm trying to keep my F&V up and I think today I will manage it!


  1. Very healthy looking plants I too love aquilegia but never had any luck with pinks.

  2. Maybe pinks thrive on neglect.
    I love old fashioned English cottage garden type flowers very much indeed.
    J x