Sunday 26 June 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.

I wish all my problems were like this one.  Just look at those berries.  They remain after two lots of strawberry jam and eating them until they are coming out of my ears!
I've looked at my recipes and the next one on the list is strawberry gin or vodka (or both).  Nice.  I might even pop down Morrison's later this morning and get some.  I have plenty of sugar so don't need to buy anything else.  Nice for Christmas - if I can hold out for long enough!
After that, I guess it is the freezer until I have enough to do a big batch of jam.  They do make lovely presents, pots of home made strawberry jam!

Sorry this is a bit late this morning.  Since Thursday evening I have been popping round to Beth's three times a day to feed and socialise with her cats.  This morning I decided I didn't have time to write the blog before setting out - so I'm late.

After the sun yesterday, by lunchtime it was clouding over and then the rain came.  It was showery for the rest of the day with a bit of storm thrown in for good measure.  It's still dull now and I am wondering about Infant Sports Day tomorrow morning because the grass will be damp and slippery.

I've done my cat visits now because Beth and Al are back and I managed to get all the ironing done yesterday so I have an easy day ahead of me.  But first, breakfast.  I wasn't feeling hungry before but I most certainly am now.

Food plans
B:  bran flakes, pear, natural yogurt and strawberries
L:  chicken salad wrap, more strawberries
D:  chicken tikka masala, rice, fresh fruit salad including guess what.  Yup - strawberries!!!

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