Monday 27 June 2016

Monday and a garden update

Well, yesterday was great, weather wise.  The sort of weather I like - sunny but not too warm and with a breeze.  The sort of weather to dry a load of washing.  To be able to have the French window doors open without letting in the humidity.

As expected, yesterday was a gentle day.  A baking bread, reading books.  Really rather pleasant.

I took some more garden photos:

I'm a gadabout today and will be eating out for lunch and dinner so all I can say is that breakfast will be cereal with strawberries followed by an apple.  Yum.

Sadly, I doubt Infant Sports will happen today as it's been raining this morning and the field will be dangerously slippery.  In all my time organising it, I don't remember having to postpone it three times!  Such a shame.

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