Wednesday 22 June 2016


Good morning.  Thank goodness yesterday was a lovely, sunny, summer day and fingers crossed that today is the same: it looks as if it will be but it is maybe a little too early to tell really.
The forecast isn't brilliant for the rest of the week.  Overnight and into Thursday there is warning of rain and maybe storms.  Fair enough, yesterday did feel very humid at times but I didn't know whether that was a contrast with the air conditioned hall.  Maybe it wasn't.

Anyway, whatever happens, Infant Sports Day has been postponed until next Monday and that, I think, is a very sensible decision.  I've been through years of having to make 'shall we' shan't we' decisions and whatever you decide, it will be wrong and you will get stick.  When we have delayed making a decision until the last moment, we get criticised for leaving it so late and now, when a decision is made early, there's criticism that it's too early.  I do understand the problem - some parents have taken time off work to come and cheer their children along, which is very good of them.  However, making a decision now might mean that some can change the arrangements whereas if it was cancelled on the day they really couldn't.

The Castles Day was absolutely brilliant.

In the morning there were tables set up with the sorts of things people would have been doing within a medieval castle.  There was candle making (in little clay thumb pots that they made), making ink and writing with quills, making soap with flakes and fragrant herbs and petals, making nosegays, weaving, a wise woman table - oh, all sorts.  The lady running the whole thing took groups out and taught them how to practise sword and shield skills and to use a long bow (no arrows, thank goodness).

In the afternoon we had a banquet.  The tables were set out in an upside down U shape and there were goblets and wooden trenchers for everyone.  The children were put into groups to rehearse something for the banquet - a play, jousting (with hobby horses!), dancing, juggling and jester-like stuff - oh, all sorts.  Some of the children were servants.  They laid the tables and served at the banquet and they did very well out of it judging by the way they tucked into the food in between courses!

I was shattered when we got home but a long nap sorted that out and I was thankful that I didn't have to prepare for today's teaching.
Now I have thousands of photos (OK, slight exaggeration there) to edit and sort out.

Today is allotment in the morning and tuition planning in the afternoon.  Then there's a Full Governors' Meeting in the evening.  It's all go, isn't it?

And today's food plans are:
B:  oat bran galette with yogurt and pineapple
L:  hummus, carrot and celery sticks, oatcakes, apple or pear
D:  fish pie, peas, natural yogurt and pineapple


  1. Your castles day sounded fantastic! You found menu for the days sounds delicious! Enjoy you FGB! Our Sport's Day is tentatively pencilled in for next week! I think we should have sports Day in September because the weather is always better!

  2. That is a VERY good point, Rachel. Cooler evenings but lovely days in September. Indian summer.
    As far as the menu goes, I've had a bit of a crash but, dear me, back to normal tomorrow, I am sure. The fish pie was delicious!
    J x