Friday 3 June 2016


Brrrr - it was a flippin' cold day yesterday.  I don't think my hands warmed up properly until the heating clicked on late afternoon and warmed up the house.  I can't remember the last time the heating came on in June.  The wind moderated a bit but it was still definitely adding to the chill factor!  Amazingly, the sun came out for around two minutes.  It must have decided it was far too cold and decided to go somewhere else instead and who can blame it?  Not me, for sure.

After some 'talk' on a thread in a Facebook group, I had a go at making microwave popcorn - pure and simple no added oil or sugar.  It worked a treat so that is now on my list of 'healthy snacks'.  I've blogged about what I did on Teacher's Recipes.

I also tried a recipe for oatcakes and they worked well.  I'll pop that on Teacher's Recipes too, in due course.

For a short time I toyed with the idea of changing the name of this blog to either 'Diary of a retired teacher' or 'Diary of a teacher (retired)' but neither looked right so I didn't.

I had some changes of plans, all due to illnesses but, dear me, it is lovely to be able to be so very flexible.  It also means that I can meet Beth down the allotment and get those plants in.  Silver linings and all that.

So today is digging and weeding and planting.  Fingers crossed the weather stays OK.  At present the wind is still moderate and the clouds are still there.  BBC weather tells me that today will stay cloudy, dull, cool and a bit windy but that tomorrow there will be a real change as the warm, sunny weather rolls in.  We shall see.

And today's food:
B:  crumpets and jam, orange
L:  egg mayo and salad in pitta bread, natural yogurt and toasted oats
D:  steak, peas and oven chips (treating myself and they're all from the freezer - I am still slowly working my way through the piles of stuff).

And now I must get going - first, coffee.


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  2. Crumpets? Home made? How's your sourdough going ?

  3. Yes, yes and I gave up on it. I didn't like the bread. However, when I have used up the ones in the freezer, I will make some more starter, just to make the crumpets!
    J x