Tuesday 28 June 2016


Good morning all.  It's gorgeously sunny this early Tuesday morning and my fingers are crossed for it to continue.  Everyone is more cheerful when it is bright and sunny.

I was quite wrong about Infant Sports yesterday.  With great inventiveness and some extremely speedy work, D managed to rearrange things so that the children did their races on the two playgrounds rather than the (very wet and slippery) field so they did get it all done after all.  I stayed for about an hour before leaving and driving up to Letchworth to see Mum and Dad (who was wearing his 'financial adviser' hat).

He sorted out my confusion and we got the signed form posted.  He also, bless him, created an email to send off about the forgotten AVC as they hadn't sent me the quote I actually want to use.
And when I got home, there was a letter from the state pension people telling me how much extra I would be getting for deferring retirement for two years.  Hopefully the back dated amount should appear in my account soon.

This is all very nice and most welcome but, to be honest, I'd like it to all be sorted and settled so I know exactly how much money will be coming in each month so I can set up standing orders for saving some of it.  It isn't at all a worry and I am certainly not complaining, it just feels a bit sort of disorganised and dribs-and-drabsy right now.

We had lunch at home (nice, healthy tuna salad followed by strawberries, thanks Mum) and dinner at the Millstream.  I ended up going for grilled chicken skewer with a salad and some sweet chilli sauce and it was really very satisfying indeed.  There was too much salad though and I had to leave some.

The drive home was very pleasant.  I guess most people were inside watching the football because the roads were very empty.  That's the sort of drive I like.

Also waiting for me when I got home was several patterns I had ordered last week - paper patterns, I mean.  I'm going to try one out tomorrow which is a tote bag pattern which I rather like.  If I like the results, watch this space!

Today, being Tuesday, is reading with FS morning and the afternoon will be spent having a go at that bag.  Fingers crossed.   Oh, and picking all the strawberries I should've picked yesterday but didn't because I was out.

Today's food:
B:  muesli, natural yogurt, blueberries and strawberries
L:  soft cheese and salad wrap, apple, strawberries
D:  turkey steak, peas, sweet potato mash, fresh fruit salad and natural yogurt

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