Wednesday 15 June 2016


Good morning!
Again, it is sunny outside at the moment and I am crossing fingers for it to stay because I have a commitment free day (until this evening) and I really do need to do some garden stuff.  Yesterday was monsoon like at times and, inevitably, it was especially bad just as the children came out of school.  I was sitting in the car waiting for Alex to come out (very sensibly he was waiting until the rain died down) and the number of students without any kind of cover, not even a little fold up plastic mac, was gobsmacking.  I saw one, just one, umbrella too!

It was good fun in school.  I caught up with some of the recent events and saw the dance for the June Fair on Saturday as they rehearsed it.  The children now know me well and they almost queue up to ask me if they are going to read to me today.  One little lass was distraught because she thought she didn't have her book in her book bag and ' I really, really want to read to you'.  Bless.  It was there, she hadn't looked carefully enough, by the way!

I was looking forward to an afternoon planning tuition but had a phone call from Beth.  One of her cats was ill but her car was in for a service.  She could have got a taxi, of course, but why shell out a fortune unnecessarily.  So I spent the afternoon with Beth, picked Alex up from school as arranged and then came home to an email cancelling one of the tuition sessions.  I will do the other today.

I did a bit more sorting paperwork out in the evening while watching telly - not that there's all that much worth watching with all the football on (no, I'm not a fan) but there are always videos/DVDs!

So, today is commitment free.   I intend to go to Adi and do a little shop.  I like their frozen salmon steaks and I am hoping they will have some cheap, big flower pots for the three tomatoes Dad gave me last week which are flourishing and really do need to go out.   I've no room on any of the beds for them.  Judging by the colours, there are more strawberries to pick and a number of rain encouraged weeds to murder!

Today's food:
B:  natural yogurt, blueberries and granola (delicious!), satsuma
L: coronation chicken and mixed salad wrap, apple, water melon
D:  chicken curry and rice, fruit salad, natural yogurt


  1. I too am hoping for a less packed day today and I will also go to Aldi and have a potter around more to get me out of the house than anything.

  2. I hope it's all gone well for you and you've had a nice break one way or another.
    J x

  3. I had a trip to Lidl this week. Bought some plants! Might do Aldi this weekend!

  4. Our Aldi has some good bedding plants at the moment.
    J x