Monday 13 June 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Another week starts and it is a lazy week so I will have to plan some stuff to fill it - oh, the hardship!

First of all, it seems that Blogger has problems again with spam.  All my recent entries have rubbish comments on them.  It's annoying but please ignore them for now.

The rain started a little earlier than expected, mid morning and it wasn't really dry for very long after that, despite some sunny spells.  It chucked it down again come the evening.  Alex came over, or rather, I went to pick him up as it was raining and after lunch we picked up his laptop from where it was being repaired.

Today it's gloriously sunny right now, which is nice to see.  Maybe it will stay like that.  I hope so because I have a few things to do with the garden, especially round the front where there's some spectacular grasswork making an appearance.  The back isn't half so bad but I think there are more strawberries to pick.

That's about it really so here's the food plans for the day.

B:  Pancake, strawberries and natural yogurt
L:  Smoked salmon with a mixed salad
D:  Chicken salad, blueberries, yogurt


  1. It's lovely you e been able to see more of Alex as it comes across in your posts xx
    I'm using soft fruits in my spinach blasts and I am fizzing with vitamins!

  2. LOL - how wonderfully healthy. Yes, I'm loving seeing Alex. He's fantastic.
    J x