Friday 24 June 2016


Good morning and hello, sun, how nice to see you!  Yesterday was not nice.  Rain most of the morning, then the sun came out for about five minutes, then we had drizzle more or less for the rest of the day.  The decision to postpone sports day was vindicated and even if it is dry this morning, the field will be sodden.

I got on with household tasks in the morning and pootled off to school p.m., voting on the way.  I had a nice time reading with the children after which I rushed home to get tuition ready only to be greeted by one cancellation and then another as there has been quite a lot of flooding, the roads have been gridlocked (Chelmsford is like that if anything goes wrong) and they wanted to get home before the rush hour started.  Very understandable.

Planning is never wasted.  Now I won't have to prepare resources or plan for next week's tuition.  It's just as well I don't rely on the money, isn't it?

I'm finding I need to pick strawberries morning and evening or the bugs get to them.  Oh, the hardship.  I have quite a lot and can't decide whether to make more jam or freeze them.  I think it will be jam and there's a reason.  We have a governors' training evening next week and I offered to bake some goodies.  I think scones with whipped cream and strawberry jam will make a nice treat and, as there are only likely to be about 12 of us, that, a sponge cake and some shortbread will fit the bill nicely without too much difficulty!  I can bake all three and freeze them..

Today is an easy day.  Sonja might be coming this evening, I think, so I need to check the guest room which is no hardship.   Then I can do a bit of baking!

Today's food:
B:  poached egg on toasted crumpet, strawberries  (gotta make inroads into them and there will be more this morning!)
L:  Smoked salmon pate and salad wrap, natural yogurt and - guess what - strawberries!
D:  cod in batter, peas, a few wedges; apple and orange

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