Tuesday 14 June 2016


Good morning, everyone.
After a sunny start yesterday it clouded over and then the rain came.  Nothing torrential yesterday, but quite enough to water the allotment thoroughly.  Before it started, Sean turned up and cleaned out my guttering, a very overdue task and one I was glad to see done.   I am thankful it didn't rain on him.

Yesterday was a good day.

It appears that because I deferred my state pension for two years, I am entitled to some more pension and yesterday the letter and form arrived so I had to make a decision about how to take it.  After consulting my financial adviser (dad), I filled in the appropriate form and posted it back.  Now it is a case of wait and see when.  I don't really mind when because when it comes it will be backdated anyway.  Not a lot but enough to be nice.

I popped into Staples in the morning and bought some more suspension files for my filing cabinet and spent most of the afternoon sorting out pay slips, old contracts and goodness knows what else.  The shredder earned its space, that's for sure.  It feels good getting rid of stuff I no longer need and that I'm now ready to do it.  I wasn't in September but I am now.  Cheers.

The third good thing was that the hot air popcorn maker arrived.  Guess what I had as a snack!  It was fun to watch the corn whirling round and round and popping up and out of the machine into a bowl.

Today I am in school hearing children read, something I very much enjoy.  Then in the afternoon I need to plan my two tuition lessons for Thursday so that's the day sorted out for me.

Today's food plans:
B:  Toast and marmite, pear, maybe some natural yogurt
L:  egg mayo with a salad, pitta bread and an apple
D:  chicken and cashew pilaf, fruit and yogurt


  1. enjoy your popcorn feast. I am not a lover so no jealousy here

  2. :-) I did, thanks. I love the stuff, even plain. It satisfies the chew factor for me!
    J x

  3. I love it too but especially the salty n sweet mixed!

  4. I do sprinkle salt on but it all falls off without the butter. :-)
    J x