Friday 17 June 2016


End of the working working week (not that I care much) but, sadly, it is dull and gloomy outside, looking suspiciously like rain.  I've just checked BBC Weather and, yes, rain is predicted for this afternoon.  We do seem to be getting rather a lot at the moment, don't we.  Mind you, the wet and the warm is great for the garden.

I had a lovely day yesterday.  It was great to catch up with M in the morning and see her gorgeous little toddler.   In the afternoon I was at school.  Then I did tuition which was great and another few notes got stuffed in my Christmas savings tine - it's a tin that I cannot open so one the money is in, it stays in until I attack the tin with a tin opener which won't happen until I do the Christmas shopping!

Before and after tuition, I had a good chat with the mum, who is a neighbour, and the 'daughter of the family'.  J has to do a project about the sixties for school.  It's history, would you believe.  I was a teenager through the sixties!  Anyway, J has this idea of making a sixties dress for herself so her mum found a genuine pattern on eBay and some fabric and I'm going to teach J to use my sewing machine so together we can make up this dress.  It's very simple with no sleeves so J can do the straight seams, I can show her how to put in a zip and then she can have a go at the facings which means sewing a curve.  I think she'll do great and I'm really looking forward to it!  If there's enough fabric left over we can make a headband and maybe a little bag too.  We shall have to see.

Today is a day in.  The cleaners are coming this afternoon so I must start with a tidy up and then I need to get out our selling items and check them over as Kitty Stitches has a table at the June Fair tomorrow.   We kept the float from the last fair so we don't have to worry about that and I invested in a little cash box so now I feel more comfortable about it all.

There's also some washing to do and, by the looks of things, it's not going to be a drying day, so I will have to use the drying racks inside.

So that's my day today.

On the menu
B:  porridge with blueberries and yogurt
L:  egg mayo, mixed salad, pitta bread
D:  smoked cod loin (probably baked or steamed in foil), broccoli and new potatoes

I must look up some recipes for smoked cod!  I saw it and thought 'why not'!

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