Tuesday 21 June 2016


Good morning, everyone, and welcome to a lovely, sunny Tuesday morning.  After torrential rain yesterday morning, out came the sun and I managed to get two loads of washing dried in the afternoon which was unexpected and very welcome.

There's hope for Sports Day yet.  Thursday morning is the Infant Sports Day which I am hoping to attend and a few days of sun or, at least, warmth and dryness, would dry the field up nicely!  I'm looking forward to a first time - for a while now I have been responsible for the organisation and the running of Infant Sports Day but on Thursday I can attend simply as a watcher.  Very nice too!

As mentioned before, last night was also a first.  I watched the music festival as part of the audience rather than round the side and it was a totally different experience.  The singing was stunning, the behaviour of our children was exemplary and it was an all round great experience.  And, as a bonus, I was home in time to watch most of the Sewing Bee after escaping from the car park ahead of the crowd who had to wait to pick up their children.  What more could I want?

Today is another busy day.  I will be in school again, as a governor, helping out with the year 1 history experience day.  It promises to be a lot of fun and the children should learn loads.  I will probably crash out come the evening but if I don't, I have ironing to be getting on with.

Here are today's food plans
B:  bran flakes and sultanas, pineapple and natural yogurt
L:  smoked salmon pate, oatcakes, crudites and an apple
D:  I am going to use my spiraliser to make courgetti to have with savoury mince.  I'll give it a go anyway!  Then water melon and a pear.

Have a great day!

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