Wednesday 12 November 2014


Good morning.  Sorry about yesterday: there's a lot going on right now and I couldn't set my mind to write properly.  Things to do, decisions to make - an overflowing brain never made for clear thinking for me < smile >.  Does anyone else find that?

Last week I walked out of the house one morning, glanced left over the country view and what I saw sent me rushing in for my camera.   I've popped one of the results at the top of the blog.  When I did that, the rest of the colour scheme looked 'wrong' so I changed that too.  As a result, it all seems to have a very frosted look now.  Maybe that's right for me.  Chill, Joy, chill!

We're well into Christmas songs now.  Yes, it's THAT time of year again.  Great fun!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Really like the new look, very seasonal!
    Hope your brain is less busy now ;-)

  2. Yes, I love the new look of your page, too. Very appropriate. :o)
    Have a good day!

  3. Yes, more than a few things to do sends my brain into shutdown and I can't do anything, which is rather inconvenient when there are rather a lot of somethings to do.

    My friend who is ADHD (one of them, anyway)is the opposite, unless she has at least 6 things on the boil at any one time she is an utter wreck, can't cope.

    Odd how we are all so different!

  4. Thank you, ladies. Glad you like the new look!
    Beth - Like mother, like daughter, I guess!!!