Saturday 22 November 2014


What a shame I woke up at four.  A shame but hardly surprising considering I went to sleep in my lovely recliner at around quarter past seven, dragged myself up to bed at half past eight, when I temporarily surfaced, went straight to sleep again and slept more or less solidly through the night.  I reckon I had over eight and a half hours sleep.  Can't be bad

Yesterday was another good day.  The rain stayed off until after games where I used my new whistle to great effect.  I had a couple of useful meetings.  I got lots done.  I taught my class p.m. and it was Golden Time, games and Reading Partners which makes for a nice afternoon

A parcel arrived yesterday.  I almost always get parcel deliveries sent to school nowadays.  There's always 'someone in' during the day and after hours they will re-deliver without a fuss because it's a school.  When Mum and I went to Boundary Mill during half term, they had some white butter/terrine dishes, proper butter dishes that were a box with a lid style rather than a flat  base with a box lid.  I bought a titchy one for me and Mum bought two grown-up ones for her and Dad, the only two that were left on the shelf.  I ummed and ahed afterwards, did a search on the internet and finally found some that match my titchy baby one so must be more or less the same kind as the ones in the shop.  Anyway, they arrived yesterday so my butter will be posher now.  My current dishes are cheapos from Wilkinsons which are starting to look a bit weary and worn after several years' use.

I also managed to remember to order and download this year's Jacqui Lawson advent calender.  If you don't know them, please do go and take a look, they are beautiful.  Last year I had a great time with my year 1 class, opening it up every day and seeing what the day's activity or 'thing' was and I am sure this year will be just as much fun as her cards appeal to all ages.

I also sent them an interactive card each day leading up to Christmas via their learning platform mailbox, which got a lot of them into the habit of checking their mailbox each day.  That's on the list of Things To Do this weekend - get all the cards pre-ordered.

If you don't know about this wonderful card site, here's the address.  I pay an annual subscription which means that all the cards are free to use and it is a huge saving.
Disclaimer:  I haven't been asked or paid for these comments - they're just my own opinion and it's a very positive one.

Apart from ordering a card a day, I have no real plans for the day although I have to make some bread as I am right out.  I need to start making some to freeze for when I have Christmas visitors so I think it will be double dose today with both bowls in action!

Have a good 'un, everyone.

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