Tuesday 4 November 2014


Well, it really was a bit of a grotty day, weather-wise, yesterday, wasn't it?  Rain, drizzle, more rain, pouring rain, drizzle . . . etc.  We managed playtime in the morning (damp drizzle but manageable) but by the afternoon it was chucking it down so no afternoon play.  Now it's still wet and it's c-c-colder too.

Never mind, we're so lucky to have four walls and a roof over our heads.  It's too easy to complain and to forget just how much we have and be glad for it.

Yesterday was OK.  The headache went, driven out by a busy schedule.  I had some PPA and managed to get the maths marked.  A meeting after school was fun and then I was off to the Hare to meet Linda and Julie for a very pleasant and sociable meal together.  What more could I ask for?

Today there's no 'special' plans, just normal, familiar, everyday things.  Nice.  Hope yours is good too.

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