Sunday 16 November 2014


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's quite chilly out there this morning but looks quite dry so perhaps it will be a pleasant day.  Not that it matters as I plan a PJ day: I have no need to go out so I shall stay in, warm and cosy.

I made the lemon marmalade yesterday and I was very impressed.  It made 13 of the small-ish jars that I use, one of which I immediately gave away to my friend who came over for lunch and one of which I opened this morning to spread on my breakfast toast.  Very tasty.  It was dead easy to make and set quickly.

I semi roasted the turkey leg, leaving it on low while I went into town.  It's now waiting for me to get all the meat off and boil up those bones for more stock.

I rarely go into town.  It gets crowded and after a while my knee hurts.  I had to yesterday, to pay in a cheque and to get some things from Lakeland (foil and cling film).  I behaved myself and refused to be tempted by the Christmas displays that are going up everywhere.  Great self control

Once home, I had a quick tidy up (much needed) before J arrived and we had a good natter while eating lunch at the Hare.  Great fun.

Today B and A are round for lunch (I hope).  The bread dough is rising (I hope).  Should be good.

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