Sunday 2 November 2014


Last day of half term and quite a busy day at that.  It's been lovely but I must get going and be ready for tomorrow.  I doubt I will be tempted to go out as it is dark, damp and gloomy outside and, when I woke earlier, I took one look, got back into bed and promptly went beck to sleep for a while.

It's turning a bit colder too, don't you think.  It felt almost chilly when I went out to the shed to get some veg.  I suppose it's about time too really.

I had a letter yesterday from the company that makes Thermomix.  Those 'following' this fantastic appliance on Facebook and else where will know that there's been a bit of a problem with some lid seal rings and Vorwerk are replacing all rings for machines that were bought within a certain timescale.  When I got the letter I emailed because I bought two bowls and lids and got a very speedy confirmation that they would be sending me two rings.

Last weekend I was looking at the seal ring for the most used lid, remembering that they recommend that it is replaced every two years and that I ought to think about it within the next year.  Not that there's any problems with the current rings, there isn't, but . . .

And now I get two for free.  Can't complain about that.  I shall keep the old rings on until they need replacing and that should get Thermione through the next three years!

Yesterday afternoon I took a deep breath and courageously dared the chilly depths of my chest freezer to find, at long last, the turkey breast roast I KNEW must be there, somewhere.  It's now sitting in a more accessible place, to be taken out on Thursday to slowly thaw before the 'Christmas dinner' on Saturday.  Then, when I got in, I discovered an email from Kelly's of Danbury, informing me that their website was now open for Christmas orders, so I did.
Two things - firstly, when I ordered the turkey, I was offered a breast roast for a tenner so I accepted that and, secondly, I now have four points so am entitled to a free turkey at some point in the coming year.  I have no idea how big it is and I know (because it said so) that the eligability starts after this year's turkey (which got me the fourth point) is delivered, presumably so I can't take the freebie and run, so to speak, so it might be offered early in the year.  I need to check.  If it is, no problems.  After all, what's a freezer for?

I also found a few things to use/chuck (which is something I try to do each time I visit) and I found a bag of roasties right down at the bottom.  I need to try one or two but I don't see why they shouldn't be fine.

So right now I have some chopped bacon slowly releasing its fat, some beef mince thawed and waiting and some veg on the side.  Savoury mince, here we come!  I love these one pots.  Such a lot less hassle when I get home from school each evening.

Have a great day, whatever the weather!


  1. Sunday is often my day for bulk cooking too: I love the winter food for its ease. A good big casserole or soup that can be made one day and then ready each evening thereafter makes life so much more comfortable!

  2. It's a lovely 'secure' feeling too, isn't it?
    J x