Friday 14 November 2014


Welcome to the end of the week (nearly).  It feels cold out there but it is dry.  The forecast is poor so goodness knows whether playtime will happen but we will see.

Yesterday felt manic one way and another.  I got in early, panicked around doing stuff I couldn't do at home, got resources laminated, prepared books and so on.
Lunchtime was busy getting ready for an observed lesson in the afternoon which was OK.  However, yet again, I forgot to eat my lunch (home made soup) so had it when I got home.  Very nice it was too.
After school there was a SM meeting and then marking.

It was good to get home and snuggle in my comfy chair.

Today is SEN day.  I won't have many more of these as I shall be standing down from SENCO-ing after Christmas and Fridays will then feel very strange indeed.  I'll get used to it quickly, I am sure.

And then home to a Chinese with S and M.  Delicious!  I might even sneak in a few G&Ts too, you never know.

Better get the kettle on - coffee time!

Edited about an hour later to say it's now chucking it down!!!

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