Sunday 30 November 2014


And here we are at the last day before the Christmas month. It's damp and misty, gloomy but not raining.  Not cold, I think, but I gather it is going to get colder over the next few days.

The course on Friday was good.  very helpful, very interesting, with lots of material to take back and use.  Excellent!  When I got back I rushed over the road to get my lunch, had a meeting with 'the office' and then took my class for rather a pleasant games lesson.  The evening passed in a blur of tidying up and sleep.

Yesterday was great.  I'd had an 'extra clean' done on Friday as it was between my fortnightly usuals so there was no housework to do.  As soon as I had organised myself after my unexpected extra sleep, I whizzed down to Morrisons to get what I needed and then spent an hour opening packets and getting lunch sorted.  Into the oven went to potatoes for baking.  Upstairs went a few bits and bobs to get them out of the way and that was it.
We had a family get-together and it was all lovely and great fun.

The menu was, as you've probably gathered, very simple:
jacket potatoes
salad leaves with peppers and tomatoes
sliced ham
pork pie
grated cheese

cheese and crackers
melon slices, grapes and satsumas

You know what?  On the table, it didn't look all that much but, for once, I got it about right.  There were three jackets left, two for Beth to take and one for lunch today, some salad, some grated cheese and some fruit and really, that was about it.  I was really pleased.

Today is a working day.
The bread is on, the kitchen has been cleaned, I have a load of assessments to do plus some marking and, of course, the ever present planning.
Washing, drying and ironing are also on the list, I have to strip the sheets from the guest bedroom and wash them too.

Oh, it's all go here, I can tell you!!!

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