Thursday 6 November 2014


So sorry about yesterday's non-appearance.  Things get hectic sometimes, don't they?

I've just been down to the shed to get today's food and a turkey crown out of the freezer and brrrr, it's jolly cold with a frost on the shed roof.  They said it would and they were right.  Indoors is comfortable so I guess the heating has been clicking in!

As said above, life is busy - very, very busy.  I have a friend staying over Saturday night and, as mentioned before, am cooking her a Christmas dinner (hence the turkey crown).  The pigs in blankets are made, the red cabbage too, there's roasties ready and waiting, there's mince pies in the freezer - everything's going great.  I'm hoping there won't be loads to do on Saturday afternoon so I can enjoy their company.

Life goes on and I need to prepare for today so I'd better wave goodbye.  Have a lovely day.

Edited later to add:  shows how busy I was yesterday.  I heated up today's soup, opened my lunch box, got out the flask, opened it - and realised that I had totally forgotten to have my kunch.  What a waste of a good sweet potato soup.  Grrrr.


  1. You do sound very busy and all the preparations for the Christmas meal sound absolutely delicious! :o)
    It was frosty here last night, too - gorgeous, and now the sun is shining in a clear, blue sky. Looks like outdoor playtiime will be on today.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. It surely was, Sonja, and I was on duty. It was delightful

    J x

  3. Oh good, I am glad to hear this. We have gale force winds here in Dover and through last night, too - absolutely fantastic, although I have to say I am glad we are not trying to cross the channel today! It's very quiet which makes me think the ferries aren't running at the moment.
    Have a lovely day!

  4. It's rather howly here too and one of my thoughts was that I was glad you weren't journeying today. Take care.
    J x