Sunday 9 November 2014


The Christmas dinner is over, all bar the clearing up, which I refused to do last night because it was Strictly and then Doctor Who.

It went really well:  everything tasted delicious, the Kelly Bronze stuffed turkey breast was absolutely delicious, despite its age, and there is surprisingly little left.  Enough for Alex and me for lunch (I can make Beth a savoury crumble) and there will probably be a few slices of turkey left for Monday (or the freezer) depending on how hungry Alex is.

I wish I'd taken a photo but there's always a last minute rush for this sort of meal and I didn't.  I got down my red Christmas table cloth and napkins and we had a few candles and it all looked very jolly and festive.

Today everything is back to normal.  I have to clear up the kitchen but it's nowhere near as bad as it looks, I have to concoct a vegetable and pulse mix for Beth's crumble although the topping is in the freezer so that will be easy enough, I have some washing and ironing to do and, as always, the dreaded planning.

My friends have just left on their long journey to Yorkshire.  It is damp and misty outside but I hope it clears later on for them.

Now to make some coffee, unload the dishwasher and get going with the clearing up!


  1. Well done it all sounds wonderful. Do you hate unloading the dishwasher as much as I do? One should be grateful that it is all done but somehow that never enters my head!!!!

  2. Yes, I do. It is daft because it doesn't take all that long and once it's done the other stuff can go in but even so . . .
    J x

  3. Well, the leftovers were utterly scrumptious :) thank you xxx