Tuesday 25 November 2014


Good morning and welcome to another chilly day.  Yesterday's early frost was very lovely and I have some photos of Jack Frost art on the car before I came over all vandalistic and scraped most of it away.  Today looks pretty icy too, from what I can see looking out of the window and I'm sitting here at the laptop with one fleece around my shoulders and another covering my legs.  Nice and cosy and reminds me of my chilly childhood.

I managed to make the bread sauce and the cranberry sauce after finding that Morrisons had some cranberries in (they didn't on Sunday) although I nearly killed the cranberries by leaving them to simmer for way too long before remembering and rescuing the mixture.  I got loads of turkey off the two parts of the leg and Beth's cat family is now enjoying the results.

One of the problems with Thermione is that if you don't remember to set her on reverse spin she pulverises stuff.  So, of course, I forgot and the peppercorns in the bread sauce were all smashed up.  I think I need to push the results through a sieve so that it's very smooth but 'bit' free.  Or make another batch, of course, but what a waste.

I finished the basic (very basic) slippers I was crocheting and you know that - they're really not that bad.  They're a sort of ballet shoe shape without the ribbon and blocking, of course, and quite warm and comfortable.

Back to school today.  Ho hum!


  1. Yes, it is very frosty here, too. When I got up at 2.30 the window was so frozen that I could hardly see outside. :o) Lovely! :o)
    The slippers sound cosy, bet they are very comfortable.
    Have a good day. :o) S.xxx

  2. They are comfy and warm, thanks. I ought to put them on but I am too lazy to get off my chair!
    J x