Friday 28 November 2014


Good morning.

It'd mild and damp out there, but not raining, which is good to see.  I gather it is due to get chilly again next week:  I do like those frosty mornings so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

School is unrelentingly busy at the moment.  My head spins when I think of what needs doing and any home life is rapidly becoming a fond memory.  Fortunately, it is relatively short term.

I'm on a course this morning so must remember to look up my route.  Once I got lost getting to a course venue and since then I have been paranoid at knowing EXACTLY where to go.  Even old age isn't changing that one.

Ah, well, must go and get ready.  Sorry messages a quite short a lot of the time - or maybe it's a relief!  :-)

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