Saturday 15 November 2014


It's very stupid o'clock but here I am, awake and typing!  After a very long and quite hard week, ably assisted by a delicious take away Chinese and two somewhat larger-then-usual G&Ts, I fell asleep in my chair some time after seven, went up to bed, fell straight asleep there too and have had a good seven hours of sleep, I reckon.
I'll probably do my usual trick of  feeling sleepy and going back uip for another snooze in about an hour.  It's Saturday so it doesn't matter one little bit!

After the torrential rain early yesterday morning, it continued to rain on and off for much of the day,  However, as often happens, somehow the rain worked around playtimes and the children got out and about.  No games though:  it was just too wet and puddly for plimsolls.  In a way a blessing as I was able to catch up with a science lesson that there was no time for this week (until yesterday).

Today my friends leave very early.  They're hoping to get around the M25 before the traffic builds up.  It seems that parts of the M25 collapsed yesterday after torrential rain stopped repairs from setting properly so they will have to take the long way round (as will everyone else).

Then it will be the usual Saturday chores until another friend turns out and we are going out to the Hare together for lunch and a jolly good natter as I haven't seen her since the summer.

That's today, more or less.  Sounds good to me!

Later on but still early-ish!
Since having written the above at a most unearthly hour, I've had another sleep and remembered more!

Yesterday I bought a turkey leg.  Goodness, they have gone up, but still outstanding value for the amount of meat you get.  Anyway, it is now sort of roasting in the oven with a base of mixed veg, some rosemary and bay leaves, some white wine left over from goodness knows when and lots of flavoursome bacon spread over the top.  The juices from that, plus what I get from the bones, etc, afterwards, should make a great stock for the Christmas gravy and give me plenty of meat for various purposes.

I think I mentioned before that I had ordered some jars of 'marmalade mix'.  It arrived a couple of days ago and I am going to try out the lemon marmalade today.  All you need to add is water and sugar, heat to boiling and boil it until setting point is reached.  Just like an ordinary jam, in fact, with all the laborious, messy preparation done for you.
I'll let you know!

The other task for today is to prepare the roasties and the pigs in blankets and, possibly, make the bread sauce which I shall freeze without adding the final butter and cream.  If I get all that done, I will be well on my way, won't I?


  1. Sounds like a lovely day - bet that turkey leg was delicious and you will have a wonderful stock for Christmas now, too, won't you. :o)
    Hope you have been able to sleep well and have a lovely Sunday. :o)

  2. I cooked well and the stock looks pretty good. Now I have to get all the meat off the bones and boil them up again.
    J x