Thursday 13 November 2014


Nearly through the second week and where is the time going?  It's all go right now with so much on.
It felt pretty chilly when I went out to the shed just now.  Definitely dressing gown and shoes weather.  The soup I brought in will be just right for lunch!

Apart from that there's little to say really.  The days pass in the usual routines, punctuated by children funnies and doings.  I now come home in the dark, of course, although it is still light in the mornings.  I wonder how much longer before it is dark then too.

I was very cross with myself earlier in the week.  I think I mentioned that I got a lovely stock from the rolled turkey when I roasted it.  Well, I set it on the side to cool and somehow it got behind something else and never got frozen.  So I had to throw it away and I am so, so cross about it!  What a wally!

There's nothing for it but to buy a turkey drumstick now.  Fortunately, I can hand over plenty of the meat to Beth for the kittens - I really don't need more meat at the moment!  Better put it on the shopping list.  And this time I will remember to deal with the stock straight away!



  1. It's more than understandable that you forget the odd thing, Joy - you have so much to do and work such long hours. Please do not berate yourself about it.
    Yes, it does get dark very early - so cosy indoors though, lovely! :o)
    Hope you're having a good day.

  2. It's the waste, Sonja. It was such a delicious stock!!! :-)
    J x