Friday 5 September 2014


Yay, Friday.  SEN day (just for one more term, then I stand down).  Super-teacher takes my class so everything is spick and span and ready!  My conscience is clear.

I was presented with some extraordinary info yesterday when we were writing about the great fire of London.  Among other things, the Eiffel Tower was completely destroyed during the great fire.  Wow!

In other news, the tomatoes continue to ripen at long, long last, there have been some whole Smith periods but (fingers crossed) mine don't seem to be affected by blight.  As soon as I got the warning, I sprayed them all again so I'm hoping.  My dad has pulled three of his plants up in the hopes of containing it.

Blight is such a pain and, potato famine to the contrary, seems to be fairly recent.  By that I mean when I grew tomatoes a decade or so ago, I don't remember it being any kind of problem at all.

Something nice - the other day I was given a punnet of blackberries, fresh picked from a friend's garden.  The young lad who picked them insisted that they were for me, not for his mum (!) so that was that.  I've cooked them with some apple in Thermione and tomorrow I will push the lot through the mouli and make blackberry and apple jam.  And young M will get a wee pot for himself, bless him!

The toast smells toasty so I'd better rescue it from the toaster and get on.  Weekend tomorrow.  Three cheers!


  1. Have a great day - I think I can smell the toast from here!!!

  2. It is always scrummy when made with home baked bread and the (home made) plum and apple sauce I had on it was also fantastic! I feel satisfied now.
    J x

  3. Yes, another amazing thing you make - your bread! You had offered me some from a fresh loaf which was cooling on the rack - DELICIOUS! Professional-looking and absolutely scrumptious. :o)
    Bet you are glad it is the weekend and hope you'll be able to get some rest and relaxation.

  4. < grin > I am so glad you liked my bread! Yes, I'm very happy it is the weekend!
    J xxx