Friday 19 September 2014


I slept badly last night, one minute hot so on top of the covers, the next minute cold so snuggling under.  I came down early, only to find that it was lashing with rain and we were (still are) in the middle of quite a storm.  No wonder I was so hot and sticky at times.  The thunder isn't an issue as my hearing aids are out but there have been some significant flashes of lightning!

Annoyingly, I could have slept a bit longer this  morning but as I'm up and wide awake I may as well get cracking on with work.

Work is, as I've whinged several times, a bit of a dominating factor in my life right now.  I was going to have Mum and Dad round for the weekend but I've postponed this as there's so much to do I would be a lousy hostess.  They were good about it but I am very disappointed and I suspect they might be too.  I don't see them often enough as it is.  Ah, well, c'est la vie!

Enough pity partying!  Today is SEN day and there's plenty to be cracking on with on that front too, as I didn't get it last week and there are reports to go through, not to mention paperwork.  Ah, that ever present paperwork!!!  I'm a thankful lady that most of it is now being dealt with by K, our new SENCo, who is wonderful, fantastic and brilliant!

Well, I need to get on with work so wishing you all a great day with few hassles!


  1. I take part in Tai Chi on Friday and Saturday mornings, it has become a 'must'. Hope you manage to fit some 'me' time for yourself. Jx

  2. I think I will - a bit, anyway. I have to because I know I will fall asleep a few times.
    J x