Saturday 13 September 2014


Again, writing on Friday evening after a lovely but rather exhausting day.  I think we are all glad that it is Friday evening and there are two days of not-having-to-go-into-school.  I very carefully say this because I have now joined the ranks of 'real' teachers who have to take home marking.  Generally, in year one the littlies didn't write enough to make marking in any way onorous but, to my sort of delight, my not-so-littlies have had a fair old bash at writing a recount entitled 'Goldilocks' Day' which has produce enough wordy stuff to make it impossible to mark in school hours which are (before anyone mutters 'nine til three') seven thirty until six o'clock, which is, for most of us, from when the school is unlocked until when the ground manager throws us all out because he's locking up.

Am I complaining. Nope, just saying!  After all it goes with the job and I did manage to mark, standardise and work out the spelling age and centile rank for a spelling test AND mark their maths work.

In between marking some hopefully excellent writing I intend to make several batches of bread, deal with a glut of runner beans and make tomato soup and passata for the freezer.
What's the betting I don't.

Apart from all that, today has been lovely with lots of happy words, smiley faces and a gift of a wee pot plant from a little treasure who chose to spend pocket money on a gift for teacher. I am not good with house plants but I will treasure that.

I am very lucky.


  1. Lucky you, your toms have behaved themselves at long last, ours are going in the gardening bin.Jx