Thursday 4 September 2014


And I was up bright and early getting things ready.  I can't see what sort of day it will be yet as it is quite gloomy but if it's anything like yesterday the gloom will burn off and it will be a lovely warm and sunny day.  Hope so, anyway.

It's all very hard work at the moment.  I had done Y1 for so long that I knew the lessons, really knew them well.  I had the resources, I had the knowledge, I knew the likely misconceptions and how to address them.
Now I don't!  This is not a whinge, it's just how it is.  I'm enjoying it though.

So it is all a bit of a slog right now but we'll get there.  Spare time is in short supply right now and I apologise to my email and social media friends.  I'll be back temporarily at the weekend, OK?



  1. Yes, I can imagine it must be quite a change and that you will be finding your feet with it all - glad you are enjoying it though.
    Hope the gloom will clear and that you'll have a lovely day.
    S. xxx

  2. What an upheaval, getting to grips with all that stuff is a nightmare. Jx

  3. It's pretty hard work right now but I will get there. It helps to have a really organised colleague in the other Y2 class!
    J x