Monday 29 September 2014


So here we are, back at school in a short while, all ready and prepared (mostly, anyway) with time to have a nice relaxing bath.

Yesterday was good.  It was a very warm day with plenty of sun, although it did get cooler come the evening.  Beth, Alex and I went out to the Flyer for lunch and when we got home, predictably, I went to sleep.  That was nice.  What wasn't so nice was the increasingly sore throat and bunged up nose.  Yes, the first cold of the new school year has landed.  It didn't stop me sleeping well though!

Today is a usual Monday.  Hopefully there will be nothing unusual and nothing different.  Fingers crossed . . .


  1. Sorry to hear about the cold but that must be one of the prices you pay for working with small children.

  2. Your Sunday sounds lovely and the lunch at the Flyer, too. Glad you were able to have a nap, too - so beneficial.
    Really sorry to hear about the cold though! What a shame!
    Hope the day went well and hope the cold will disappear again quickly.
    Take great care.