Saturday 27 September 2014


Woo hoo.  The weekend has arrived.  Three cheers.  Now we really are half way through the half term!

Yesterday was a mixture of good and muddled, nice and disappointing.

It started with me making an early morning order with Just Eat for yesterday evening.  I mentioned in yesterday's blog (or maybe it was a bit before, I can't recall) that I had a friend coming round and I was getting a take away Chinese.  I ordered plenty, partly because I like to have variety when having a Chinese and partly because I love to have leftovers either for the next day or for freezing in single portions (or, preferably, both).

With that off my mind, the day itself went swimmingly well.  Got a lot of work done, set up some finger gym programmes, looked at some IEPs and taught my class in the afternoon.  And I do feel they are now 'my' class.  This week has been great!

Came home and after a while checked the old mailbox to find an email from JustEat asking if I needed the takeaway tonight or tomorrow night and if they didn't hear from me within 24 hours they would cancel the order.  This has happened before so I was none too pleased.  Last time it worked out OK as I just cancelled the order (remember, Sonja?) but this time I was expecting the delivery and didn't want to cancel.  I guess JustEat doesn't handle early morning orders all that well!

So I emailed off high priority to confirm (rather tetchily) that I wanted it for tonight, yes, they had the right phone number but no, as I had told them before, being hard of hearing, I rarely answered the phone as I more than likely wouldn't hear what the caller had to say and anyway I was at work all day and being a teacher I couldn't just leave . . . oh, you get the idea.  A bit of a mini rant, in fact.  And I did add that I had a guest coming too so a non-delivery would not be a terribly acceptable thing.

Then I just had to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait . . . and I was beginning to wonder if I ought to go out and get something in when a reply pinged in.  Very nice, very apologetic, saying the delivery would be made on time.  So I sent a nice answer because, after all, I have been brought up proper.

And then, not long after, there was a bang at the door.  That's early, thought I, much too early.  So I stalked to the door, only to find S, my guest, looking like death warmed up, apologising and saying that she felt terrible (she did look poorly too) so would I mind if . . . and then she presented me with a lovely bouquet as an apology.

Poor S.  Of course, I told her to go home, wrap up, snuggle somewhere comfortable and look after herself.

So . . . I had a substantial amount of food (no complaints), two bottles of alcoholic grape juice (no complaints) and a quiet evening to myself in a clean and tidy house (still no complaints).  I did offer S one of the bottles but she rejected it with a shudder.  Not good. poor lass.

See what I mean - it was a fair old muddle but, while very disappointed, I was glad I am comfortable with my own company too.  And I opened a bottle immediately.  After all, it WAS Friday evening.

And I still have an evening with S to look forward some time soon and a beautiful bouquet of flowers to enjoy over the next week.

Apart from that, illness was still rampaging through my class yesterday and I reckon I got off lightly with my little stint over Wednesday night.  Five away yesterday plus one with an appointment in the afternoon.  Still, always the teacher, it gave me an opportunity to reinforce how to take away from a whole ten (there are 30 in the class) by using what we know about pairs that total ten and a number line!  Any teacher worth his or her salt makes maximum use of little contretemps like this to make hay, so to speak.

So today I have a substantial amount of Chinese to sort out and freeze, bread to make, pears to preserve (chutney and jam but not together), a pile of ironing and some school planning - quite a lot of school planning.

And tonight it is Strictly AND Doctor Who.  What more could one ask for?


  1. Yes, I do remember about cancelling the order with JustEat. You could be right, maybe it just can't handle early morning orders, although they should be able to really.
    So glad the food arrived safely, but so sorry your friend was feeling so unwell. Hope you will be able to repeat the evening sometime soon.
    My goodness, I bet you are glad it is the weekend. Sounds like you have had a good week though and lovely that you are enjoying your class so much.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I shall be working through it as usual, but that's OK, it's lovely and cold and I can listen to the radio - can't be bad. :o)
    Strictly was fabulous yesterday evening, really enjoyed that. :o)

  2. It's pretty cool here except when the sun comes out and shines through the glass! It is almost October - where's the time going?
    J x