Tuesday 16 September 2014


Sorry about forgetting yesterday.  I'm still in a bit of a rush but - well, there's time.

Going back, Sunday lunch was really successful.  As I mentioned, it was all home made.  Home made tomato soup with garden tomatoes, home made soft bread rolls and then spiced courgette and apricot muffins.  There wasn't a lot left by the time we had finished.

Yesterday was a happy day one way and another, although I am finding that I am rushing from pillar to post a lot of the time with scarcely a moment to catch breath.  Therefore I was very happy when I had an hour of PPA when I could sit with individual children as I marked their maths, going through any misconceptions and sorting out their ideas with them.  Time well spent and I wish I had more opportunity to do this.

Better go and have my bath - or I will be in yet another rush!

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  1. Your Sunday lunch sounds absolutely delicious and I can well imagine there wasn't much left over! :o)
    Yes, you sound very, very busy - lovely that you had an hour of PPA with the children.
    Have a lovely day! S.xxx