Friday 12 September 2014


I'm actually writing this Thursday evening as I have time, so there will be no comments about weather, sleeping well, etc.

It has been a lovely day.  I've had kisses, cuddles, happy and smiley faces and an invite to dinner (although I suspect mum had no idea).  What more could a dedicated teacher want?  Retirement???  No way!

If you remember, not that long ago I was whinging about lack of copious anounts of ripe tomatoes.  Can't complain any more.  Today I brought in an armful of tomatoes this morning and another armful this evening.
OK, so I have large plum tomatoes (so scrummy) and quite a lot of beef tomatoes (somewhat on the large side) so an armful is comparatively easy to achieve but, with the weekend coming up, I have a very large bowlful overflowing and will be making more tomato soup (wonderful stuff) and more passata/chopped tomatoes for the freezer.  So, as I said, no complaints.

For the first time in absolutely ages, I had to buy some bread.  Oh, the shame.  So, as well as tomato production, I intend to make several loaves for the freezer.

Then I will be picking shedloads of runners and preparing them for freezing.

September is a good month, I have  decided.

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  1. Lovely to read this and how happy you are - I am so pleased! :o)
    You really are reaping the rewards for your labour with the tomatoes, the soup and passata both sound wonderful. :o)
    It sounds like September is indeed a good month, both harvestwise and workwise - great stuff. :o)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    S. xxxx