Sunday 7 September 2014


It's just after 9:00 and already this morning I have made a batch of blackberry and apple jam, some pastry for the pies for dinner, two loaves of soda bread, dough for ordinary bread (that's rising as I type) and the chicken filling for the pies is simmering away gently, making the house smell wonderful!

Whoever said Sunday was a day of rest?

Never mind, not a lot more to do and then I can take a break from kitchen duties and go and pick/pull the veg.  Runner beans and carrots sounds good with chicken pie.

It was misty and moisty earlier, a typical autumn morning, and it is still dull now although the air has cleared.  I wonder if we will have any sun - hope so for the tomatoes' sakes.  After a second full Smith period warning from blight watch, I sprayed again and am hoping from day to do that they will be OK.  It's quite a damp atmosphere which isn't helping at all.  Ah, well, we will see.  There's not a lot more I can do about it.

It has felt a long week this past week.  It's rather early to feel weary but I think things will settle as I get used to my class and they to me.  And now I'd better go and check that they have done their online homework!

Have a good day.


  1. I bet the chicken pie will be delicious and lovely, fresh, home-grown carrots and runner beans will be wonderful, too!
    Hope you are feeling less weary and have a good week!

  2. It was really delicious, Sonja. Very little left for today!!!
    J x