Monday 22 September 2014


After a great night's sleep mostly snuggled under the quilt, I'm feeling most satisfied that much of this week's work is done and dusted.  Planning, resources, smartboard slides, powerpoints, assessments and a report I have to give on Wednesday.  Three cheers.

I have discovered that if I set the laptop to print off one of the school printers (which it won't while I am at home), as soon as I log onto the network, it automatically prints everything on the list out without any further action from me.  So that's what I am doing from now on to save myself the paper, the ink and the fact that I no longer have to remember to take piles of paper stuff to school.  Why did it take me so long to discover that?

I'm not sure I feel all that rested after the weekend but I do feel ready and that's good.  I hope my optimism is well founded.


  1. Sounds like you are beautifully prepared for this week, Joy - that must be a great feeling.
    What a good idea about the remote printing! I should think that will save you a bit in paper and ink, let alone with the carrying - really good.
    Here's to a good week!

  2. Well done you isn't it great when you find a shortcut the really works

  3. It really is, Diane. I connected up, logged on and by the time I had strolled down to the printer there was a pile of stuff waiting for me. Definitely the way to go from now on. I will save a fortune!
    J x