Sunday, 14 September 2014


Hello!  It's a much nicer morning today than it has been over recent days, which have been gloomy and misty.  There's glimmers of sunshine and a clear view across the country as I eat my tomatoes on toast for breakfast which promises a good day ahead.

I got a fair amount done yesterday.  There's home made bread now and two loads of tomato soup, one made with vegetable stock for lunch today and one made with chicken stock that has been portioned out and is ready for the freezer, to be used for school lunches.

I decided to make some soft rolls for the soup and tried a new recipe which was a bit of a disaster.  The rolls ended up in the bin and I have a fresh lot of dough on the rise now using a different recipe.
I usually use a Paul Hollywood recipe which is dead easy and works up a tread.  Looking at today's soft roll recipe, it seems that all you need to do for softer rolls is to have a bit more butter (or oil) and use milk as well as water.  Well, we will see, won't we?

I managed to get some marking done but the runner beans are still hanging from the plants.  They're starting to look a bit bedraggled now so I am not sure how much longer they will go on for.

I forgot to mention, my lovely TA brought in a bag of pears from her garden so I am looking up likely preserving recipes.  I've found a jam and a chutney which should see off most of them but they do need to ripen just a bit more first, I think.

Well, I think the dough is reasdy to knock back and shape, so I'd better be off.  Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Bottled Belgian Pears springs to mind ...

  2. sorry, meant to provide a link too:

  3. I love Fiona's recipes. Thanks very much.
    I miss her blog . . .
    J x