Wednesday 10 September 2014


. . . and nearly half way through the week.

Yesterday was good.  Warm, sunny (I did play duty pm so that was important) and the children learnt stuff.
After the success of Charlie the Croc, today we are rounding to the nearest ten.  Did you know that Ben 10 is so called because he hates units and likes numbers to be whole tens?  No, I didn't either, but there you go.  I do now!!
What a hero!!!
I got the brilliant idea from resources on the TES teachers site and I bet it will be just the hook to hang this skill on.  Looking forward to teaching it now.

Shame about staff meeting but there you go!!!


  1. What a good use of Ben 10. Hope none of your charges realise 10 comes from the 10 monsters in his 'watch'. Jx

  2. The Ben 10 sounds like great fun and what a good idea - hope you'll have fun teaching it, I am sure you will.
    Glad to hear the weather was good for your play duty in the afternoon.
    Have a lovely day today.

  3. It worked!!! It especially caught the boys' attention and they enjoyed the lesson!
    Many thanks to whoever thought of it. Clever!
    J x