Wednesday 17 September 2014


. . . it is still all go.  I'm thanking my lucky stars  that a major responsibility has been taken off my shoulders this term because if it hadn't been I'd be crumpling by now and, although a little crumple is OK now and again, the third week in is awfully early, don't you think.  Not whinging, just saying.

At the weekend I bought something that is going to help quite a lot.  I bought a foldable plastic trolley so that carrying books (for marking) home each evening is as easy as possible.  It arrived yesterday and is all packed and ready for the new day.  It will take the books, the stuff that always goes back and forth and there's also room for my school laptop which I now take home each evening so I can get the smartboard slides ready well before hand.

I had my second session on the finer points of Target Tracker yesterday.  It's a bit brain aching but I'm glad to have been given further info about how it works because it has some very useful functions indeed.  Now I need to create my groups and get cracking.  Not sure when, but . . .

(and just to confess - I'm writing this during Bake Off on Wednesday evening so that it's certain sure to be sent Thursday morning!)


  1. Sheesh, rhetorical question...when did teaching morph into double-duty death by statistical analysis? Good luck, my friend Jx

  2. It's not as bad as that, it's actually very helpful in parts, showing what has already been mastered and possible next steps.
    Just a shame it takes so much time!
    J x

  3. You do sound incredibly busy, no wonder you're feeling the pressure! Friday again today though, so hopefully you will be able to get some r & r over the weekend.
    The plastic trolley is a great idea, especially in view of your needing to lug books backwards and forwards.
    Have a lovely day today. :o)

  4. Already the trolley is earning its keep! :-)
    The weekend is pretty full with work, sadly, but at least I will not be chasing my tail too much next week.
    J x