Tuesday 9 September 2014


Good morning!

Wasn't yesterday a lovely day?  It was here anyway.  Warm and sunny and just perfect for being on playground duty.  Monday playground duty is good because you get it over and done with at the beginning of the week but if they were all like yesterday it would be delightful.

As always, I had some chuckles through the day.

We were doing < and > in maths and I was using Charlie the Crocodile to show them what each symbol means.  You see, Charlie is very greedy and ALWAYS eats the bigger number.

Here he is.
So we were going great guns with it.  We practised writing the symbols and then I sent them off to do some individual work.  When I marked the books one little person had given me some beautiful examples, all absolutely correct, obviously understanding with each symbol used flaunting a set of gnashers!  Bless.

Looking forward to today after such a great day yesterday.  I hopoe yours is as good.


  1. Love the crocodile! What a brilliant way of teaching the symbols - love that. :o)
    So glad you had such a great day yesterday and here's hoping today will be more of the same. :o)

  2. Lovely day! Hope this week goes as well. Hooray for a fine September. Jx

  3. Thanks. It was lovely, although tiring!
    J x

  4. Thanks. It was lovely, although tiring!
    J x