Sunday 21 September 2014


Thankfully, it is a little cooler this morning and I doubt very much we will have another storm before daybreak.  Two mornings running with storms is a bit unusual around here and I am thankful for the increased freshness.

I didn't get as much done as I expected yesterday.  I did a fair amount of school work although there's more to do, but other weekend stuff took rather a back seat.  I shall have to give that some priority today, I think.  I've decided to have another PJ day (as yesterday) which means I won't be doing a shop.  Fortunately, with school just over the road from Morrisons, shopping is not in any way a problem.

I did do a few bits and bobs.  I made some bread and decided to add oats to the bread but I think I added a bit too much and the 'crumb' wasn't as I expected.  It's OK, it tastes good and it won't be wasted, but it will be toast rather than sarnies.  Fortunately, we have a toaster in the staffroom so that's not a problem.

Earlier in the week a colleague, H, used some apples and lemons in maths (weighing) and offered them to me as she'd heard that I made jammy, fruity things and she didn't need them.  So yesterday I made two pots of lemon curd, one for her and one for me.  I'd have made more but I am out of eggs.  Using Thermione, making lemon curd is a total doddle.

I used up some tomatoes, as mentioned yesterday, in a sauce type thing.  I decided to add some home grown chillies and, as the first one I used a while ago was really mild with precious little kick, I use two and didn't seed them.  Bit of a mistake as the resulting (very tasty) sauce is quite hot.  It won't be wasted though as I can use it in things like chili con carne (or veg equivalent) but I must make sure I label the pots accurately.

Looking at what I've said above, it looks as if I spent all day in the kitchen rather than on school work but I didn't.  All the dishes above, with Thermione's help, are things where you start it off and just leave it to progress while you get on with other work - school work in my case.

I'm going to have tomatoes on toast again.  It's my fave breakfast and almost all home made/grown so the flavour is wonderful.  Better get going, hadn't I?

Enjoy the day.


  1. Here's me thinking how lucky you are to have tomatoes behaving themselves. I'm hoping they perform better for me next year. Jx

  2. So do I. I still remember one year when all my plants got early blight. I was devastated! Fingers crossed for you for next year.
    J x