Sunday, 30 March 2014


I woke at my usual time (just before 4:00) to find that, of course, it was just around 5:00.  Nice to have a lie in!!!
It can't be cold outside: the bedroom window is open and there is no chill in the room.  Yesterday was lovely and sunny but not quite warm enough to sit out comfortably.  It wasn't helped by quite a breeze most of the time.  So I didn't get my snooze in the sun but never mind, there will be plenty of those before the year is over.

I had a good day.  In the morning I made bread and biscuits (for my friends to take with me while they are away for the weekend) and then later on I had a bash at Jack's 'Car-brie-nara' which was very nice indeed.  The only change I would make would be to add some value grated 'not Parmesan' for extra cheesiness.  The recipe is online here.

Also I found a recipe for no kneed bread which takes around 20 to 24 hours so, of course, I couldn't resist that, just to have a go.  It's now right at the end of the process, in the oven, so I will know how it has worked in - ooooh, about half an hour or so.  It started off more as a batter than a dough and, after standing all day and all night, made a very, very soft dough, quite difficult to handle.  Given that I use Thermione for kneading anyway, I'm not sure it is worth the effort but I will reserve final judgement until after the acid test - eating it.  It's supposed to taste wonderful and have an open, artisan-y texture.  Watch this space.

Later on I made the first in a few batches of soda bread for my friend, Al, who is coming to stay and who can't have yeast.  I love soda bread so needed to get it into the freezer fast or one of the two loaves would have disappeared.

Today I'm having a go at Jack's diet cola chicken which is simple and sounds scrummy.  I'll do cheg for Beth and we will have it with a salad and, hopefully, some delicious, fresh bread!  If it doesn't work I guess we will have soda bread instead, so we can't lose, can we?

I also want to try her crackerbread which is basically flour, water and salt.  If it works (and it ought to) then I shall make a pile for Al.

Happy days.  Just a shame about the planning!!

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