Friday 14 March 2014


Hi.  It's horrible without my broadband connection at home.  I'm typing this all in a hurry over lunch time.

I checked today with my service provider to find that there's a 'known fault' which should be repaired by this evening.  I will believe it when it happens.

It's been quite a week but it's nearly over now and there's a hopefully sunny weekend ahead.  Have a good one, everybody!


  1. Yes, it must be really horrible for you without your broadband at home - such a monumental nuisance!
    If it is a known fault and they repair it, that would be great! Fingers crossed!
    See you soon! :o) xxxx

  2. Silly me - I now see that your blog entry was dated 14th March! Clearly, there was no repair or, at least, if there was, it hasn't helped you. Do hope you'll be able to get your broadband back very, very soon!

  3. Yes, hope to see you back soon - I'm missing my daily doses of Joy! :0)

    Sue x